HTLab (Healthcare Technology Lab) is an innovative startup founded on November 6, 2019, owned by vEyes (virtual Eyes) - ONLUS. Despite his young age, thanks to the skills, the laboratories, the infrastructures and the network with the clinical and technological realities that revolve around vEyes, HTLab has already been among the winners of the third open call launched by the FLAME project (H2020, grant agreement no. 731677).
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SABREEN is the solution designed by HTLab in order to allow young women to perform breast ultrasound screening independently, using a linear probe connected to an Android smartphone and to detect the presence of suspicious masses via an artificial intelligence system, in in order to send an alert to a senology center assigned by SABREEN, for the necessary clinical evaluations.


The goal of the VISION project is to develop a video surveillance framework for smart cities, integrated in the FLAME platform, in order to help disabled people (blind, with limited mobility, deaf, elderly) who need to be guided / monitored to ensure its safety in the city. VISION is made up of three architectural elements, the DiMoVis platform, Tourist Eyes and Lying Person Recognition.